How to become members

Extract from the Statute of the Consortium

Art. 4 (Requirements and number of Consortium members)

  • The Consortium members are small and medium-sized craftsmen business, industrial, tourism, agriculture, services, and agrifood companies; even small and medium companies from the commercial sector can also participate in. All of them must be based in Italy.
  • Can also become Consortium members public and private institutions, banks and large companies, as long as they do not benefit from government grants addressed to the Consortium.


Art. 5 (Admission of Consortium members)


  • Those who intend to be admitted as a member of the Consortium must submit a written request to the Board of Directors.
  • Small and medium sized associated companies are required to subscribe to a participation fee to the Consortium Fund determined in EUR 1291.14 and pay it upon admission in the amount requested by the Board of Directors, but not less than 25% thereof.