Board of Directors

Chairman: Mario Molè

Vice – Chairman: Josephine Pace (Plastica Alfa srl)



Ivana Maria Cappello (Cappello Alluminio srl)

Daniele Leucata (ARIAP spa)

Marco Anfuso (REGRAN srl)


Director: Dr. Mariantonietta GURRIERI


Duties of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of five members, elected by the assembly.

The Board of Directors has all the powers and assignments for the management of the Consortium that are not reserved by law or by the Statute to the assembly of the consortium members.

Among other things, it is up to the Board of Directors:

  • electing the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman among its members;
  • drawing up the draft balance sheet along with a report on the business trend analysis to be submitted to the ordinary assembly for approval, providing a maximum program for the following financial cycle;
  • deliberating on the admission of new members;
  • deliberating exclusion of the members;
  • proposing to the assembly the eventual internal regulation, as well as the amendments to the Statute and the regulation itself;
  • appointing the Chairman and hiring eventual other employees of the Consortium;
  • deliberating any other administration act.

The Board of Directors shall be convened by the Chairman or, in his absence or impediment by the Vice-President, whenever it deems appropriate, and at least every quarter. The Board of Directors is convened at the request of at least three components. The convocation is made by letter or telegram containing: information on the date, place and time of the meeting as well as the listing of the matters to be discussed, to be sent at least seven days before the meeting or, in urgent cases, two days before.

The Board’s deliberations are effectively adopted by the majority of the members. The record of the meeting is drawn up by the General Manager of the Consortium, if appointed, or by a councillor appointed by the Chairman, and it is signed by those who drafted and by the Chairman.

The mandate in favour of another member of the Board is not permitted.

The members of the Executive Council shall hold office for three years and they may be reappointed.

If, during the financial year, one or more members lack, the others have to replace them in accordance with a special resolution. The so chosen members shall remain in office until the following assembly occurred. The assembly will provide for their confirmation or replacement. If the majority of the councillors is missing, those who are still in charge convene an emergency meeting for the replacement of the missing ones, who will expire together with those in office at the time of their nominees If all councillors come to cease the assembly for the nomination of new councillors is immediately convened even by a single Consortium member.