The Consortium is a non-profit alliance of companies with the social exclusive aim to develop and/or promote partners’ products export activities on international markets. Beyond specific objectives mentioned above, the import of raw materials and semi-finished products which companies are in need of can be take into account.

The Consortium provides a wide variety of activities including:

  1. arranging collective participation in shows or exhibitions, abroad or addressed to international markets, taking possible orders to be shared out among partners;
  2. dealing with partners participation in Italian economic missions abroad;
  3. supervising the execution of advertising campaigns supporting export;
  4. preparing and delivering collective brochures mean to export and organizing collection and dissemination of information related to the partners’ products;
  5. overseeing the collection of information about foreign clients and the exchange of general news among the members with the aim to foster the export;
  6. promoting and organizing visits of operators, journalists and foreign propagandists;
  7. carrying out other activities aimed at enabling, encouraging and increasing exports. Helping the partners in managing business with foreign operators and realizing individual export initiatives;
  8. supporting the partners in launching their products into foreign market;
  9. promoting a collective purchase model and the import, on demand, of raw materials and semi-finished products useful for Consortium members;
  10. providing partners with a payment guarantee regarding to the products sold abroad by the Consortium through the stipulation of an appropriate insurance agreement;
  11. preparing and realising of high quality collective brands of able to distinguish and qualify products exported abroad by the partners through the Consortium;
  12. providing training activities related to export.

The Consortium deals with any other commercial activity, real estate and financial assets, beyond all activities closely related to those mentioned above if needed or useful for the development of relations with foreign countries and if consistent with the Consortium social object.