The Consortium, originally named Edilexport, was founded in 1996 as a mono – production consortium thanks to the initiative of nine companies all of them operating in the field of building additions.Thereafter it has been expressed a willingness to extend the membership base to other companies operating in those fields representing a driving force of the local economy.So COEXPORT was founded on February 19, 2001, taking on the specific traits of a multi-sector consortium. Its scope includes the following areas of expertise such as building, food farming, publishing, mechanical and chemical services.COEXPORT is located into the Ragusa Industrialists Association with the specific intent to provide all member companies and not them alone with the opportunity to take advantage of a prominent advisory service and technical assistance mean to support internationalization and foreign trade.Member companies completely agreed about the need for working together to effectively penetrate foreign markets and consolidate existing business relationships.To achieve its target, the Consortium benefits of financial programs put in place at several levels: European (POR Sicily), national (Law 83/89) and regional (economic missions abroad, promotional programs organised by the Cooperation Department) as well as the activities planned by local institutions (Chamber of Commerce, State, City, etc.).Coexport hoping for growth of entrepreneurial culture, provides the following services:

  • promotion of partners’ product through the development of a common distribution network and / or participation in exhibitions or fairs, making advertising campaigns, carrying out studies and market research, preparation of catalogues, brochures, etc. needed to convey the Consortium’s image
  • translation and interpretation
  • acquisition of orders to be distributed among Consortium members, also by participating in domestic and international  call for tender
  • development of its own collective brand and its own specific sign with reference to collective high quality brand
  • supporting partners in their business with foreign operators and helping them in developing individual export activities.